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Join Gn’R


The Brand
Lipton Ice Tea India

The occasion
Lipton Ice Tea India was one of the major sponsors for the ‘Guns N’ Roses India Tour – 2012’. And they had passes to give away

The objective
To come up with an interesting digital idea for Lipton Ice Tea to give away these passes to Indian GNR fans!

Our Thought
Since we were giving away free passes for fans to join GNR live, why not make them ‘Join GRN’ literally?

The idea
We created an application called ‘Join GNR’
In order to access it users had to visit a micro-site called ‘’
We then invited all Guns N’ Roses fans to play for free passes to watch them live in India
In order to access the micro-site further users had to sign-up with their Facebook accounts
Users were then confronted with the video of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ (a famous GNR song)
The catch being this – the video was broken up into fragments and the pieces were scattered across the page
The game starts when the music video starts playing.
Players have to drag and drop the pieces to join the GNR video together properly, before the songs ends
Players had to join the video together as fast as possible
As the ones to join (the) GNR video together fastest were promised the free passes
The GNR India Tour was to take place in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore
And we gave out 4 passes for each city through ‘Join GNR’, 2 passes for each winner
To ‘Join GNR’ live in India!